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Bedtime snacking or eating before sleeping is a myth that a lot of people follow thinking it is a bad idea. However, late-night snacking can be good for your health if done in the right way. These are some healthy snacks you can eat before ending your day and how it can be helpful to your body.

whole grain bread5 Healthy bedtime snacks you can eat to satiate your hunger pangs

Since eating right before sleeping is considered to be a bad idea, and your last meal is usually around 8 PM, it is inevitable that you’re left feeling hungry at night with a growling stomach craving for food or simply while binge-watching your favourite telly show you want to munch on something but you avoid because you think it will have adverse effects on your body. While some part of it might be true, but here is everything you need to know about latenight snacking and how you can make it right that won’t harm your body.

Bedtime snacking can be done in a healthier way and there are some food items that you can eat to help build your body’s immune system and overall health. These food items can also help you sleep better and can get you a good night’s sleep. However, there certain foods that you ended to avoid to disrupt your sleep schedule and those are fast food and spicy food and fast-digesting carbs that give you instant energy like chocolate.

The foods that you need to focus on before bedtime are the high-fiber carbs and slow-digesting protein that tend to be easier on your blood sugar like whole grains, oats, brown rice, fruits and veggies. These are the 5 food items you can include in your late night snacking routine to kill your hunger pangs.

1. Peanut butter with whole grain bread

Peanut butter is helpful as it contains tryptophan which is useful in relaxing your muscles and brain.

2. Greek yoghurt with berries

It is good for protein and helps to calm your mind and relax your muscles. 

3. Almonds

Almonds are great for your brain, they contain melatonin and magnesium which help in getting a good night’s sleep.

4. Fruits

The beneficial nutrients can help build your body’s immunity and give you a better sleep that won’t give you any digestive problems the next day.

5. Cheese

The slow digesting protein found in cheese, casein is available as protein powder and helps your brain and muscles relax.

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