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Do you have a picky eater for a child? It can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be a cause for worry at all! With a little patience, love, and experimenting, you’re sure to get your little one to appreciate a wider range of foods. Read on for more.

Practise Healthy Eating Yourself

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Kids learn from observing, so if you’re a fussy eater yourself, don’t expect your little one to eat healthily! From meals to snacks, make sure you’re setting the tone right by eating a variety of healthy foods and fresh fruits and vegetables instead of junk food.

Experiment In The Kitchen

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Try new recipes and flavour combinations. If your child doesn’t like eating eggplant, for example, instead of serving the vegetable as a curry, have baba ganoush with carrot or celery sticks or baked chips on the menu!

Another good idea is to introduce a side of new vegetable or dish along with the main dish that your child loves indulging in. So you could try stir-fry mushrooms served with fried rice or cauliflower cooked in a gravy that is your child’s favourite.

Remember to make the food look attractive! Plate it artfully, use tableware that your child will love–colourful plates and spoons or dishes with cartoon characters are sure to be a hit!

Start At The Start

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Take your child along with you to a local farmers’ market. Better yet, check if you have the means to pick your vegetables straight off the farm. The idea is to make your child understand how food gets to the dining table, thereby getting them to appreciate all kinds of food.

Apart from this, also involve them in prep and cooking, even if the job is as simple as washing vegetables or picking herbs from your kitchen garden. Discuss recipes and flavour profiles with your child, ask them their likes and dislikes, and work out a way to include healthy food in the menu.

Be Patient

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Forcing kids to eat anything isn’t going to help at all. Just be patient and keep at your efforts. Don’t give up either; if your child refuses to eat certain foods, serve the same after a week or so, making sure the rest of the family eats the same.

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