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Jake Judd | Mar 24, 2020 AT 11:06 am

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(KNSI) – Weight loss
experts have some advice to help prevent weight gain while people work from home during the
COVID-19 outbreak.

Workers are home a
lot more than they’re used to because companies are utilizing teleworking, and also because of the massive amount of delays and
cancellations of almost everything including, sports, theatrical productions, school, and
church, to name a few things.

Marcia Johnson, with
Livea Weight Control Center in Waite Park, says making smart food choices right
now is key to losing weight and staying healthy.

“You just got to
eat healthily. Make sure you’re getting that protein, make sure you’re getting your
vegetables and fruit. Limit those sugary drinks, limiting that alcohol and
snacking. And this will help boost that immune system and get us all through

She says there’s one
thing everyone has access to that can help you avoid getting sick and keep the
weight off.

“The important
things is water, water, water. It’s cheap, and it is just so good for us. It’s
good for our immune system. It’s good for detoxing. It keeps you fuller, so you
don’t have this tendency to want to eat.”

Marcia says it’s also
essential to get some exercise and get out of the house.

“One thing we
suggest, if you can, is to get outside. We all know that walking is one of the
best things for us. If you can walk 30 minutes to an hour every day, we know
the fresh air is something that is the doctor’s orders.”

If you can’t get
outside, go up and down your stairs or do squats while you’re brushing your
teeth. Find some way to be active.

Nutrition experts recommend eating small amounts of healthy food every two to three hours to keep
your metabolism going.

Marcia says finding a
new healthy routine for a while is essential.

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