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TNN | Updated: Nov 12, 2019, 4:06 IST

Nagpur: Students should not use mobile phones for more than 15-20 minutes a day. It affects their studies, said banker and social worker Manik Chava on Monday.
Chava was speaking during an interactive session for Std VIII students jointly organized by Rotary Club of Nagpur Fort and Veteran’s India at Rana Pratap High School, Pratap Nagar, on Monday. The session was held as part of Rotary’s project titled ‘Chhoti Chhoti Baatein’.
“Find some playtime after school hours. Perform Surya Namaskar in the morning and practice meditation for a sound mind. Playtime is also important as it will invoke positive feelings in you. Read newspapers and story books to keep yourself updated.”
Second speaker Smita Hastak told the students about Veteran’s India and the work they do. “Primarily, we help people. So, if you see any family in any distress, please contact us. We will help them.”
As per Hastak, their group works for development of society and tries to increase communication between people. “Anyone can join our organization. People from all walks of life are welcome. Bringing happiness in other’s lives is our primary goal.”
While also encouraging the students to enjoy life to the fullest, she said, “Studying is important, but so is playing and exercising. Never stop playing outside.”
Renu Kulkarni dissuaded the students from using cosmetics. “Apply oil on hair every night. Shampooing often will ruin your hair. There are many harmful chemicals present in them,” she said. Kulkarni advised the boys against using hair gel and spoke about natural hair cleansers such as shikakai, amla etc
“These natural products have vitamin C which are beneficial for hair. You should eat amla everyday too,” said Kulkarni suggesting home remedies like applying ‘besan’ and milk on skin instead of creams, She also advised to use petroleum jelly on skin.
“To look good, you must also eat good and drink lots of water,” said Kulkarni before elaborating about the various fruits and vegetables which are good for skin. “Don’t eat anything which comes in a packet.”
Another speaker Veena Khandekar, advised the students to help their parents in household chores. “Some times, take a break from your studies and help your mother in the kitchen. It will give immense joy to her besides giving you a refreshing break from the monotony of studies.”

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