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As someone who is in ownership or management at a commercial club, studio, YMCA or university rec center, you likely know that it takes a lot of people to put together and operate all the programs your facility has. No one person can do it alone.

It’s the same with Club Industry. We have a crew of people who work on our digital website, enewsletter, podcasts, webinars, conference and trade show. That crew for us is small, however, which is why we enlist leaders and experts in the industry to work with us, particularly when it comes to putting together our conference program.

This year, we’re pleased to highlight the five individuals who are our track chairs for the 2019 Club Industry Show, which is Oct. 9-11 at the Hilton Chicago.

Kevin Steele, Ph.D., president of PTA Global and PTontheNet, is chairing our former Wellness track, now renamed the Healthcare & Fitness Integration track (Oct. 9) and the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit (Oct. 10-11). The one-day track includes two case studies from health clubs that are integrating healthcare at their facilities and the results they are seeing with retention and revenue. The two-day Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit invites physicians into the room for a summit-style event that will include networking opportunities. Sessions in the summit include topics such as elevating the member and physician experience using medical fitness technologies, a healthcare model that integrates fitness and medicine, how to maximize the opportunity in the changing healthcare landscape, nutrition and fitness integration in the medical practice through virtual care, and cancer prevention and treatment through fitness and nutrition. The summit on Oct. 10-11 will be beneficial to health club operators as well as physicians, allowing the two groups to network and talk about collaborative efforts that will improve results for members and patients while also increasing revenue for health clubs and physicians.

If you plan to attend the track and summit, there is an option to select the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit plus a 6-pack, which we recommend you do to participate in this portion of the conference.

Marisa Hoff is our Programming track chair as well as a speaker at the show. In her “day job,” she is the general manager at Stevenson Fitness in Oak Park, California, a place she began working at in 2010. In this year’s Programming track, she has selected sessions that focus on how to present and sell your fitness programming, using events as a tool to boost retention, creating fitness programming that is original, making both small group training and group fitness classes work, running weight-loss programs, operating corporate fitness programs, steps to creating youth programs, developing programs for different generations and more.

Also from Stevenson Fitness, owner Chris Stevenson is chairing our Retention track again this year as well as speaking. This year, the track includes sessions on on-boarding new members, using feedback to retain members, building positive relationships, creating boutique-level customer satisfaction, better member engagement, client management strategies, plus a roundtable and a panel on retention.

Bill McBride, president and CEO of Active Wellness, is again chairing the Leadership and Management track where he has put together sessions on how to manage talent, imperatives of a customer service initiative, how to ensure diversity of your staff, optimizing the performance of your product and program, how to hire the right staff and more.  

Our newest track chair is Matthew Wright, vice president of personal training and programming at City Fitness, Philadelphia. Wright is serving as our Personal Training track chair. He is presenting the first session in the track on habits and behaviors of successful fitness professionals. Other sessions in the track focus on building a high performing personal training team, a guide to online training, how to stand out on social media, the future of personal training, how to train different generations, and nutrition coaching for personal trainers.

Make sure to register for the Club Industry Show now to get the best price on the conference program. Go here for the education schedule and go here to register now for the show. 

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