The Owner Of A Dog Food Line Is Eating His Company’s Products For 30 Days To Prove They’re Healthy – Delish



Way back when, dogs ate standard grocery store kibble that no human would want to eat. But now, plenty of dog food companies make stuff that sounds good enough to eat—and one guy is doing just that to prove a point.

Mitch Felderhoff, who is part owner of the holistic dog food company Muenster Milling Company, decided to eat his company’s dog food for a month to show everyone that it’s actually pretty healthy stuff.

Felderhoff told Dallas-area NBC 5 that he wanted to do this to prove to people that the company’s dog food is safe for their pet to eat. “So we thought let’s put a face behind the bag and let’s show them that we trust what we’re putting in the food. We thought, ‘There’s no better way to do it than to eat our own food.’ We thought, ‘We’re not going to feed your dog anything that we haven’t eaten ourselves,'” he said.

So…he’s kicking off 2020 by eating, well, dog food. According to Felderhoff, he’s been making meals out of his company’s freeze-dried dog foods and snacking on its kibble.

Felderhoff also went on the company’s Instagram account to talk about what he’s eating. Their beef meatballs are “the bomb,” he said in one post. In the video, Felderhoff can be seen taking a bite of the meatball. “Mmm…that is something else,” he said. “I know dogs love it.”

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