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How does the world look through the eyes of medical patients? Those who want to enjoy their lives but cannot. It is due to the physical diseases that life set toward them. It is never a nice feeling to not be able to fully enjoy your existence because an illness is more like a curse.

It disables one to return all the favors of life. It snatches all of its flavors. But never the universe plants a problem unless it sends downs its solution too.

With sorrow, there is happiness, and with illness, there is a cure! THE LOST BOOK OF REMEDIES brings you close to that cure.

Our health seems valuable only after we lose it…!

Product Name: The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies™
Author/Creator: Dr Nicole Apelian – Dr Claude Davis
Price: Lost Book of Herbal Remedies™ Normal price was $37.00.
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
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This book is all about taking you to the natural ways of treatment. There are times in life when we are tired of taking pills because they barely effect. So, the lost book of remedies draw near to you, a line of personal satisfaction.

The Author – Dr. Nicole Apelian says that THERE IS AN INNER DOCTER inside of you, and that is your “Immune System.” Your Inner doctor should be taken care of so that it heals your body automatically, and you would never have to be reluctant while taking pills. Inside this book, you are going to know the ways of turning plants into medicine.

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• The very first lesson; It almost killed the author;

The writer was just 29, when she realized that she had MS (Multiple sclerosis). She could barely walk with proper balance. She lost her eyesight in one eye and was considered to spend her whole life on a wheelchair. Her crippling condition lead her to research about the natural remedies “All the real ways” that can save human without artificial interference. She has 20 years of experience in Plants and herbs.

• The second lesson; There is a devil inside your medicine cabinet;

Pills are the devil inside your cabinet. People who have HIV or CANCER knows it better that this devil makes you totally dependent on it and to the extent that slowly you start to realize its possession over your bags, cabinets and Everywhere. You may not realize, but it has always been your internal immune system “your internal doctor” that helps you fixing yourself.

• The third Lesson; Take Charge of your inner doctor;

The author has penned down all her 20 years’ experience of plant medicinal knowledge in this book. The Minerals and tinctures, some natural substances and backyard plants are her magical ways to fix yourself. She has transformed the most powerful medicinal plants into tinctures that work with decoctions, infusions, salves, extracts, syrups, and poultices.

The lost book of remedies is for all the people;

• who have autoimmune disorders,
• who are tired of taking pills but observe no significant effect,
• who are tired of the side effects that drugs install in the human body,
• who don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to Pharma Companies anymore,
• who want to be prepared for a crisis; when the pharmacies runoff and are not able to give out prescriptions,
• And People who just want to live a Healthier Life.

So, if you are the one who is under a similar condition, GO FOR THE BOOK!
Take the book and read it.


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Every book has a set of ideas that are presented to the readers, and her book revolves around a certain set of sequences that are going to provide its readers, with a better understanding of herbs identifications and making medicines out of it.

Let’s discuss the contents of her book in a bird’s eye view.

Her book is a nutshell of “Two major portions”; Portions that explain it ALL!

The First Portion;

INTRODUCTION- In the beginning, she gives out the idea of “How to harvest the healing power from plants” with “A guidance book”, This book proves the authenticity of her natural methods. She explains about;

• How to harvest herbs
• How to dry herbs
• Encapsulating powdered herbs
• Herbal water infusion; Cold and Hot methods
• Teas
• Decoctions
• Oil infusion
• Salve Making
• Tinctures/ Extracts
• Double extractions
• Distillation
• Medicinal Syrups
• Poultices
• How to make a field Poultices

The Second Portion;

THE BACKYARD PLANTS- In this portion of her book, she suggests you to have a tiny garden, where you should grow your herbs. She has listed out several different plants that are helpful to fasten the healing process. Such as,

• Agrimony, Agrimoniaeupatoria
• Aloe Vera
• Anise Hyssop, AgastacheFoeniculum
• Black- eyes Susan, Rudbeckiahirta
• Boneset, Eupatorium perfoliatum
• Bottle Ground
• Cabbage
• Calendula
• Chickweed
• Garlic
• Couch Grass
• Common Flax
• Dill
• Dock
• Fennel
• Lavender
• Lemon Balm
• Lemon thyme
• And so on.

This Book is a complete Treat! All that a person can ask for. It is for those who are facing an extreme level of sickness and also for those who want to save their beloved.

*The most powerful natural painkiller you can make at home

There are hundreds and thousands of books that speak about medicinal cures. But what is that unique thing about the lost book of remedies that you should buy it?

• The unique thing about the book is “Nicole Apelian” (The Author); The one who has 20 years of experience and education in “The plants” (Under-graduation in plants and natural remedies, Masters, and Ph.D. in the same field). The author lived with san bushmen and survived a forest life for 57 days.

• It is the “Perfect cure”; The perfect cure is “Purification”. These pills are just temporary aid like crutches that gives relief to a broken leg for a short time, hiding the worse fact to “Permanent dependency”. The only pure cure is “A Natural Way,” and this is why “The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies” Exist.

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With amazing feedback across Amazon, Good Reads, EBay and More. Here is what some people are saying about this life changing book.

“The lost book of remedies” is a Blessing! Even if you are a beginner or a herbalist, this book is going to treat you so well that you would rather say “Goodbye” to all your medicines, grow a tinny garden full of herbal plants in the backyard of your home and enjoy a free life.


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