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Come monsoon and the biggest problem, apart from the muck, are flies. We are talking all kinds of flies- house flies, black flies, cluster flies, crane flies, deer flies, horn flies, horse flies, sand flies, yellow flies, fruit flies and we can just go on because really there are 120,000 species of flies in the world. No matter what kind, nobody wants flies around. During the rainy season, they are seen in abundance and let’s face it, they are difficult to get rid of. But nature has got us covered. Some of the natural remedies to ward off flies have worked since ages. Let’s discuss some of the easiest ways to make your house fly-free. Monsoon Skin Care: Is Rainwater Good For Your Skin? Here’s the Truth.

What Causes a Lot of Flies in the House?

If you are wondering why does your house attract so many flies, the reason could be an ignored infestation inside or around your home. Also seeing a swarm of flies isn’t good news because that means that a dozen of eggs have already been laid and you are going to see more flies soon. However, if you have never seen flies in your house and all of a sudden there is a swarm lingering you might want to check for the source inside your house, garage, bathroom, kitchen, etc. How to Achieve Glowing Skin Using Natural Ingredients? Incorporate These 6 Items in Your Skin Care Routine.

Are House Flies Dangerous?

Flies aren’t just pesky but also cause health hazards that may shock you. Whether they are house flies or stable flies, these tiny insects are capable of spreading over 200 known pathogens and parasites to humans amongst others. Moreover, the flies are known to hover mostly around trash cans, rotting flesh, other food and even faeces so obviously they become easy transmitters of germs to your house. Fruit Flies Enjoy Orgasms More Than Alcohol, Say Israeli Researchers.

How Ward Off Flies During Monsoon

It is always a good idea to make use of natural ingredients to get rid of flies at home. Although, there are tonnes of chemical-laden products available in the market, using healthy and natural ingredients to keep the flies away keeps your protected of the side-effects and other breathing ailments that packaged products may lead to. Monsoon Hair Care 2019: From Hair Fall to Dandruff, How to Say Goodbye to Hair Problems During Rains.

Ways Ward Off Flies During Monsoon:

    1. Citronella or Camphor or Kapoor Smoke: Flies hate citronella also known as Kapoor in Hindi. Burning a little bit of camphor and spreading the smoke all around is one way to get rid of flies.
    2. Apple Cider Vinegar: ACV repels flies, you can take a spray bottle and mix ACV with water and spray all around the house to keep flies away. You can also use ACV undiluted. Garlic Oil Can Kill Bacteria That Cause Lyme Disease, Says New Study.
    3. Basil: Also known as Holy Basil or Tulsi, this plant is known to keep flies away. You can either keep basil plants at home or place basil leaves around the house.
    4. Bay Leaf: You can burn bay leaf and spread the smoke all around the house, or even simply placing bay leaf around the house can repel flies.
    5. Lavender: Simply hanging lavender in bundles or spraying lavender essential oils around your home can keep flies away.
    6. Nasturtiums: This beautiful flower is known to keep flies and even other small insects away from home. You can easily grow them at home or place them in a vase.
    7. Mint: Mints repel flies and are also easily available. You can simply grow mint near windows or place them around your house.
    8. Cloves In Lemon Halves: Another easy and popular way of getting rid of flies is to place lemon halves with cloves pierced in them like in the picture below:

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  1. Eucalyptus essential oil: Flies hate Eucalyptus, all you have to do is spray the essential oil on clothes or curtains or simply around the house. Zodiac-based Essential Oils: Nourish Your Soul With Positive Vibes, Explains Energy Expert Shradha Salla!

Simple 4 Step-Way To Get Rid Of Flies (Watch Video):

Using a Fly Zapper to kill the flies is probably the easiest and the most effective way to get rid of flies and the UV light traps are also widely used but they do create a kind of smell and many people don’t even like the option. A fly can live for over two weeks and its lifespan depends highly depends on its conditions. Usually, Warm areas with food sources for them can even make the flies live longer than they would outdoors in adverse conditions.

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