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High Protein Diet: How To Make Chana Dal-Stuffed Biraiee Roti For Weight Loss

A wholesome chana dal-stuffed Biraiee roti is the perfect way to sneak in some protein in your diet.

Think of rotis and the first instinct is of the good-old classic atta rotis. Even if we want to spruce them a little, we would go for stuffed parathas and puris or simply add a little salt to give flavour. Do we think of giving a healthier, more nutritious spin to our rotis? Yes, maybe by replacing our flour with that of buckwheat or ragi. But how about giving it a high-protein twist with flavourful spices and lentils? Doesn’t it sound like the perfect combination of healthy and yummy?

Proteins are the building blocks of our body and we won’t go into the details about how it is essential to include it in our daily diet, you perhaps would know a lot about it. But one of the most important benefits about protein is that it keeps us full for longer, meaning you binge less later and may ultimately lose weight. And one of the easiest ways to sneak in protein in your diet is through rotis! A typical Indian meal is never complete without a roti to pair with all sorts of curries and sabzis. Be it lunch or dinner, one can simply make it protein-rich by adding a bowl of dal or stuffing the same dal in the roti (especially for the picky eaters)!

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ail6hop8Roti is the easiest way to sneak in some protein.

Here we have a wholesome recipe of chana dal-stuffed Biraiee roti, which is perfect to quickly make at home for lunch or dinner. One can also make it for a quick and wholesome breakfast on the go. It is a wonderful way to pack some protein in the kid’s tiffin if they are picky about eating a bowl of dal! This one is nutrient-rich, easy, quick and full of flavour!

Find the full recipe of Biraiee roti here.

All you need to do is knead the regular dough with whole wheat flour, make balls and divide into the number of rotis you need. Boil protein-rich chana dal along with flavourful spices such as peppercorns, clove, cumin, turmeric and salt, grind the mixture and stuff it between the divided portions and cook the roti.

You can serve these high-protein Biraiee rotis as is or pair with curd or pickles too!

Try it at home and share your experience in the comments section below.


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