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1 Honey and Baking Soda

Mix equal parts honey and baking soda to make a slightly abrasive paste, then scrub gently. “Honey also helps to hydrate and kill bacteria,” Dr. King says.

2 Yogurt and Oatmeal

Combine equal amounts of plain, unsweetened yogurt and oatmeal to create a slightly tough paste. “The lactic acid in the yogurt adds mild chemical exfoliation, in addition to the physical exfoliation,” she explains.

3 Egg Whites

Whisk egg whites and apply to your blackhead-ridden areas. “When it feels tight and dry after about ten minutes, gently rinse with warm water,” Dr. King says. “The idea is that as the egg whites dry, they adhere to the debris in the pore and then they pull that debris out.” This method should remove any superficial blackheads.

4 Sugar and Jojoba Oil

Create an even mixture of sugar and jojoba oil and scrub the paste gently onto your blackheads. “Sugar offers gentle physical exfoliation that is less likely to sting compared to salt,” says Dr. King. Plus, jojoba oil is moisturizing and non-comedogenic, so it’ll help protect the skin barrier during and after exfoliating.

5 Nutmeg and Milk

Whip up a mixture that is equal parts nutmeg and milk to make a paste. Milk has lactic acid that adds mild chemical exfoliation, Dr. King says. You’ll probably want to drink this yummy combo, but you’ll be surprised to see how well it works in tackling your blackheads.

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