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From pilates to plyometrics, these Boston fitness Instagram accounts are sure to inspire you to break a sweat.

Boston is home to so many gyms, workout studios, and fitness instructors that it can be overwhelming to not only figure out where to go, but also who to get your fitness motivation from.

Not that we’re complaining—we’re lucky to live in a city overflowing with inspiring people to turn to when we need advice or some inspiration to get moving.

To help bring some new workout routines, exercise techniques, and words of wisdom to your Instagram feed, we found ten Boston fitness accounts that are worth the follow.

1. Christie Wang

Christie Wang is a pilates instructor who has a home studio in Cambridge and also teaches at North End Yoga, Burn Fitness, and Equinox Franklin Street. Her feed is filled with different stretches, pilates routines, and more that will make you want to try pilates, if you haven’t already.

2. Kenny Vertus

Kenny Vertus is a local trainer and owns an online personal training program called Unrivaled Performance. His workout videos are mesmerizing to watch, and will make you want to step up your plyometric training.

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Spent the weekend working, working out, creating content and binging Desperate Housewives. ⚡️🖤AKA MY IDEAL WEEKEND. If you haven’t seen my story yet about leadership, check out my send moods story highlight tab. “Your greatest achievements won’t come from what you do at the top. They’ll come from the dark unseen places at the bottom, where you struggled and sacrificed and felt like giving up.” @attackathletics with the hard truth and the greatest lesson to learn. You have to keep your head down and get to work if you want results – if you want greatness. Mindsets like these are how I stay motivated to run my business and make decisions. So here’s a little extra 👏🏼 motivation. A full body circuit you can do @ the gym: PS the second video has 2 exercises in itttt. And also has me doing some weird knee pulsing…I’ve been doing that since my freshman year of college and can’t get rid of it 😂😂 – Trap bar deadlifts 4×15 Around the worlds 4×8 Rear delt fly 4×8 Glute bridges 4×15

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3. Jillian Barnes

A certified personal trainer, Jillian Barnes uses her Instagram to focus on empowerment and a natural approach to building a strong body and mind. Not only is the content she delivers helpful and inspiring, but Barnes’ photo editing skills and graphic design add a stylish twist to her feed.

4. Michael James

As a personal trainer, online coach, and head of personal training at EverybodyFights in the Financial District, Michael James has his hands full. His services focus on enhancing his clients’ physical, mental, and social health using movement, proper fuel, and emotional support. While scrolling through his feed, don’t forget to check out the cute pictures of his dog Oakley.

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This month marks our second anniversary of our @yougoodsis launch. What a damn ride it has been! We want to take a moment and say THANK YOU: to every single person who has come to an event, partnered with us,  purchased any of our products, donated to us, signed up for our emails and slide into our DM’s and thank you to the amazing team “behind the scenes” who are our best confidants, dream makers, and cheerleaders- we love you so much!. When you have a gigantic vision and you dedicate so much of yourself to make it happen- not one act of kindness or encouragement or support goes unnoticed or unappreciated. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!!!- NOW LET’S CELEBRATE ! Join us on 11/3 @lamplighterbrewery for our 2nd anniversary party! You already know we are playing jams, doing yoga, enjoying great food + community- and your ticket includes a beer/kombucha/seasonal soda, whatever you like! Link in bio-COME TURN UP! ✨🙌🏾❤️💯 #itsouranniversary #happybirthdaytous #cakecakecake

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5. You Good Sis?

You Good Sis is a “collective for the black/brown individuals looking for a mental/spiritual/physical check in.” The founders, Jaylee and Rachael, are looking to disrupt the traditionally white wellness space and offer different events throughout the city. Check out their feed to learn more about these events, and for inspiring mantras and instructional posts about different yoga poses.

6. Kick It By Eliza

Eliza Shirazi is the creator of the famous kickboxing and music-inspired workout that’s available at the VIA Seaport Residences, or on-demand. Her Instagram shares different Kick It By Eliza routines, events, and glimpses of her everyday life.

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Living life in motion. I find it more fun to challenge myself than to stay stagnant or in a safe zone. But I’ve also learned when to push the boundaries, and when not to. I’m so excited to be running the B.A.A. Half Marathon this October. I’ve run this race twice before, years ago, and it’s such a fun one. After those two half’s I decided to run the full 26.2. I ran two marathons and I know for a fact I’ll run at least one more. I actually wanted to run it this year. Three marathons in three years sounded pretty cool to me. But when I was presented with the opportunity to run the marathon I wanted in 2019, I decided to turn it down. My heart simply isn’t in it. I just don’t want to train for it. I can’t fathom running 18 to 22 miles on my weekends right now. And if there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that you absolutely cannot run a marathon successfully without truly wanting to do it. Whenever someone asks me about the experience of running a marathon, I tell them that any one can do it — but you have to WANT to do it. Your head and heart need to fully commit. It will not be fun and you will not enjoy it unless you have the desire and determination. And I don’t have it right now. But I still wanted to run a race. I want to reconnect with running for the joy of running. Because I really love it. So a half marathon it is! And I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’m still training, I’m still doing what I love, I’m still running — and the best part is I’m listening to my heart and enjoying the process. Marathons will always be there, and I’ll go back to when I’m ready. Push your boundaries, but know when not to. …………………………………………………………………………

7. Samantha Lauren

Samantha Lauren is an instructor at Equinox and SLT and is currently in the process of becoming a registered dietitian. Between her running photos, delicious meals, and motivating captions, her Instagram is the perfect mix of wellness inspiration.

8. November Project Boston

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, November Project‘s goal is to build a sense of community through empowering group workouts. Their runs and workouts take place a couple times a week at 6:30 a.m. You can find out where and when you can meet up with the crew by following them on Instagram.

9. Cameron Ahouse

As a trainer for EverybodyFights, Ahouse’s Instagram is full of good workouts to try, ranging from kettlebell circuits to deadlifts. Some of the workouts may seem intense, but Ahouse also provides modifications that can be used to fit your fitness level.

10. Christina “Mooch” Muccio

Mooch is co-founder of the wellness program Move with Mooch and Mel, a B/Spoke instructor, and is a Barry’s Bootcamp trainer. Her Instagram gives you an authentic view of what it’s like to run a business, teach classes, and make time for self-care during the everyday craziness of life.

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